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Musaliar College of Arts and Science is one of the prestigious colleges in Pathanamthitta under the professional management of Musaliar Education Trust. Affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University-Kottayam, the college offers various courses in the competitive arena of Entrepreneurial Business Management and Information Technology. It is widely regarded as one of the rarest colleges among self-financing institutions that reached the pinnacle of excellence in various domains. Active student and alumni involvement, equipped faculty and divergent teaching programmes , varied infrastructure and distinct social activities have helped in achieving high class percentage, excellent placement records and remarkable position in the higher education field.

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It’s not a surprise that majority of our graduates steps forward straight into job or further studies. We are part of the prestigious Musaliar Education Trust and our training quality is well recognized across the state.The alma mater from the time of admission continue even after the course as a well organized Alumni association that is associated will prominent firms. Our students get equiped for start up projects along with their profession.

Students with dreams for brighter future are prompted to design their thoughts and aim for sharper understanding on job options and oppurtunities.

Our students are not advised to cut their feet to fit their shoes. They are set free to aspire the call of the heart and ability of the brain.

Student-teacher relation is one of the peculiarity of the institution. The progress is noted and special care and motivation is provided to reach their skies.

MCAS stands firm in the field of higher education, with excellent result among other colleges around. We are adament in the end result of academics.


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